MICA Chapters

MICA has located chapters which support programs and activities that provide support for Military Intelligence. Typical chapter activities include membership meetings with guest speakers, community involvement events and special events honoring the MI Corp and out­standing MI professionals. The Military Intelligence Corps Association has Chapters located around the country.

Chapters may submit news, activities, elections, awards, achievements, reunions and upcoming events to the Heritage and Media Director (email vanguard@micorps.org) for publication in the next edition of The Vanguard, and to the MICA Office Manager, administrator@micorps.org for publication on this website.


Chapter: Huachuca
Headquarters: Fort Huachuca, Arizona
Founded: 18 November 1994
President: Mr. Michael Roberts, micahuachucapresident@gmail.com
Vice President: Mr. Eric Fowler, micahuachucavp@gmail.com
Treasurer: Vicky Briggs, micahuachucatreasurer@gmail.com
Secretary: Centoria Young, micahuachucasecretary@gmail.com
Public Relations: Kevin Carolan, kcarolan@cox.net

Chapter: Mile-High
Headquarters: Buckley AFB, Colorado
Founded: 7 March 2001
President: Mr. Jeremy McHugh, jeremy.a.mchugh.mil@mail.mil
Vice President: SFC Eric Ramsey, eric.b.ramsey.mil@mail.mil
Treasurer: Kenisa Dokes, kenisa.i.dokes.mil@mail.mil

Chapter: Master Chapter
Headquarters: Fort Gordon, Georgia
Address: 8825 Watkins Ave., Building 9195, Fort Benning, GA, 31905
Founded: 1998
President: MAJ John Popiak, john.f.popiak.mil@mail.mil
Vice President: CPT Elizabeth Fields, elizabeth.a.fields24.mil@mail.mil
Treasurer: Byron Carlson, byroncarlson@gmail.com
Secretary: Mr. Matthew Black, matthewliningsmart.com

Chapter: Fort Benning
Headquarters: Fort Benning, GA
Founded: December 2014
President: 2LT Kimberly C. McCants; kimberly.c.mccants.mil@mail.mil
Vice President: 1LT Lindsay Barnes; Lindsay.e.barnes6.mil@mail.mil
Treasurer: CPT Drake Brewster; drake.e.brewster.mil@mail.mil
Secretary: SFC Marketa Springer; marketa.t.springer.mil@mail.mil

Chapter: Greater Atlanta
Headquarters: Marietta, GA
Founded: December 2014
President: LTC Jose Fernandez, jose.j.fernandez.mil@mail.mil
Vice President: SFC Ric Craig, richard.l.craig34.mil@mail.mil
Secretary: SFC Timothy Boland, timothy.e.boland.mil@mail.mil
Treasurer: SFC Dustin Gray, dustin.t.gray1.mil@mail.mil

Chapter: Aloha
Headquarters: Honolulu, HI
President: COL (R) John Chiu, john.m.chiu.civ@mail.mil

Chapter: Midwest
Headquarters: Wauwatosa, WI
Founded: 28 October 2015
President: CPT Jesse Lewis, jesse.lewis.76@gmail.com
Vice President: MAJ Sarah Cleveland, sarah.rose.cleveland@gmail.com
Secretary: CPT Jesse Lewis, jesse.lewis.76@gmail.com
Treasurer: CPT Timothy Kirschner, timothy.j.kirschner.mil@mail.mil

Chapter: Hoosier
Headquarters: Indianapolis, IN
Founded: May 2013
President: MAJ William Detlefsen, william.r.detlefsen.mil@mail.mil
Vice President: Christopher Silbaugh, Christopher.r.silbaugh.mil@mail.mil
Secretary: Matthew Limeberry, matthew.d.limeberry.mil@mail.mil
Treasurer: CW3 James Graham, james.s.graham.mil@mail.mil

Chapter: Frontier Chapter
Headquarters: Fort Leavenworth
Founded: 1 May 2003
President: David Bornn, exchaosvictoria@gmail.com
Vice President: James Lally, james.r.lally.mil@mail.mil
Secretary: Scott Hutchinson

Chapter: Chesapeake
Headquarters: Fort Meade, Maryland
Founded: 22 June 1995
President: COL (R) Dickson Gribble, gdg2.consulting@gmail.com
Vice President: LTC Jimmy T. Gaw, jimmy.t.gaw.mil@mail.mil
Treasurer: MAJ Jason MacConnell, Jason.c.macconnell.mil@mail.mil
Secretary: CPT Ari Pyshcer, ariyadel.d.pyscher.mil@mail.mil

Chapter: North Star
Headquarters: Rosemont, Minnesota
Founded: 7 January 1998
President: Jeremiah Neilson, jeremiah.neilson@gmail.com
Vice President: Kyle Blasiak, kyte.blasiak@gmail.com
Treasurer: Ryan Kreisch, ryan.d.kriesch2.mil@mail.mil
Secretary: SGT Paul Menne, paulmenne@gmail.com
Website: http://www.micanorthstar.org

Chapter: Bragg
Headquarters: Fort Bragg, North Carolina
Founded: October 2014
President: TJ Moore, micabragg.president@gmail.com
Vice President: Terrance Thibodeux, micabragg.vicepresident@gmail.com
Secretary: CSM (R) Dennis McLean, micabragg.secretary@gmail.com
Treasurer: Steve Perkins, micabragg.treasurer@gmail.com
Director of Operations: Jeff LeMaster, mica-bragg-directorops@gmail.com
Bragg Chapter Website: http://www.mica-bragg.org
Phone Number: 910.643.9054 / 910.893.4443

Chapter: DeMaPaNJNY
Headquarters: Harrisburg, PA
Founded: 1999
President: Dr. Don Green, drdghd@prodigy.net
Vice President: Mr. Howard Donefeld, donenfeld.howard@gmail.com
Secretary: Joseph Morinelli, minitape@gmail.com

Chapter: Alamo
Headquarters: San Antonio, Texas
Founded: 29 April 1998
President: Rex Pierce, Office 210.346.4311 or Cell 210.838.8676rex@alamomica.com
Vice President: Mr. James Marcil, jamese.marcil.ctr@mail.mil
Secretary: Melissa Tovar, melissa.tovar.mil@mail.mil
Treasurer: Aaron Parker, aaron@alamomica.com
Website: http://www.alamomica.com/
Facebook: www.facebook.com/alamomica

Chapter: Phantom
Headquarters: Fort Hood
Founded: January 2011
Contact: LTC Jason Liddel, jason.t.liddel.mil@mail.mil

Chapter: Rio Grande Valley
Headquarters: Edinburg, Texas
Founded: 16 December 2015
President: Frank Hooton, frank.hooton@dps.texas.gov
Vice President: Armando Neveras, armando.neveras@dps.texas.gov
Secretary: Miguel Alvardo, miguel.alvardo@dps.texas.gov
Treasurer: Kristopher Vleck, kristopher.vleck@dps.texas.gov

Chapter: Potomac
Headquarters: Arlington, Virginia
President: MG (R) Gregg Potter
President Emeritus: MG (R) John THomas
Vice President: Bill Torpey, william.t.torpey@gmail.com
Treasurer: LTC (R) Harry Clark, harry.j.clark.ctr@mail.mil
E-Mail: headquarters@mica-potomac.org
Website: http://mica-potomac.org/

Chapter: Rainier
Headquarters: Joint Base Lewis-McChord
Founded: 16 December 2015
President: COL Timothy Parker, timothy.j.parker4.mil@mail.mil
Vice President: Constantin Nicolet, constantil.e.nicolet.mil@mail.mil
Treasurer: LTC Brian Murphy, brian.c.murphy30.mil@mail.mil
Secretary: LTC Christiane Ploch, christiane.ploch.mil@mail.mil
Patrick Yates, patrick.yates.mil@mail.mil

Chapter: AMU and APU
Founded: June 15, 2015
President: Mr. Franklin Warner, frnklwrnr29@aol.com
Vice President: Mr. Michael Simms, cpt35e@gmail.com
William Hanson, william.hanson6@mycampus.apus.edu
Website: http://www.amu.apus.edu/student-activities/orgs/mica.htm

Chapter: Midwest
Headquarters: Wauwatosa, WI
Founded: 28 October 2015
President: CPT Jesse Lewis, jesse.lewis.76@gmail.com
Vice President: MAJ Sarah Cleveland, sarah.rose.cleveland@gmail.com
Secretary: CPT Jesse Lewis, jesse.lewis.76@gmail.com
Treasurer: CPT Timothy Kirschner, timothy.j.kirschner.mil@mail.mil

Chapter: Korean Peninsula
President: COL Kris Arnold, kris.a.arnold.mil@mail.mil
Vice President: LTC David Hazelton, david.c.hazelton.mil@mail.mil
Treasurer: MAJ Randall Jackson, randall.d.jackson2.mil@mail.mil

If you are stationed in an area that does not currently have a MICA Chapter, you may start a new chapter.